This course is designed for candidates interested in Watercolor Painting & Sketching. One of the most fascinating mediums to work with is water colors. It is the simplest to play with colors if you follow the right steps. It will introduce you to a variety of painting & sketching styles, including Object Drawing, Landscapes, Still Life and Florals.



Beginner violinists who want to learn and/or improve their violin skills are also welcome to joining this course. Learn the fundamentals - our music teachers will show you a quick way to play the violin so you can pick it up faster. To assist you in succeeding, every detail will be broken down and explained in easy-to-understand sections.


Bharatanatyam is a dance form that originated in India. This course is designed with the goal of allowing anyone to experience the joys of Bharatanatyam, regardless of prior knowledge or experience with any of the dance forms. You will be able to learn and perform beautiful Bharatanatyam choreographies by the end of this course.


Kathak is one of India's eight major classical dance forms. Kathak is said to have originated with the Kathakars, or storytellers, who traveled through ancient northern India. Footwork, hand gestures and facial expressions are all part of it. Kathak is a solo dance that is performed by both men and women who use their lucid movements to express their grace and flow.

Bollywood Dance

Learn how to perform Bollywood choreography. Indian dance style is an amalgamation of various genres commonly seen in Indian films. It can be learned by anyone, regardless of age. This is essentially a pleasurable dance.

Carnatic Vocals

This course was created with the idea that anyone interested in learning Carnatic Classical music should find it simple to do so with the help of a basic set of lessons. You can enroll even if you are already learning Carnatic and would like to improve your fundamental skills. 


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