French Language

This course is designed as both Long-Term & Short-Term basing on individual requirements. There are a total number of Six Levels. The program aims at benefitting candidates who are fantasized about moving to France or Canada, or to travel there and being able to hold your own in real-life situations, being independent and communicating with the locals. It also benefits you to start your career as a French Translator (or) work for a French Call Center. Whatever your motivation is, this course is for you!

German Language

Do you want to be able to communicate fluently in German but find the language to be too difficult? The specific pronunciation of German, with so many unusual words, expressions, and dialects, as well as cultural and social characteristics, can be intimidating. That is why we developed this course! This course will teach you everything you need to know using the quickest, easiest, and most intuitive learning methods available. It will be so simple and quick to get all of the results you desire!

Mandarin Language

It is known that Mandarin Chinese is one of the toughest of all the languages in the world. Hence, we bring you the expertise of our trainers onto your table through the HSK & YCT Courses to help you become a Chinese speaker. This course introduces Mandarin Chinese phonetics and useful Chinese daily expressions. After this course, the learner will have a basic understanding of Mandarin and be able to make conversations with a native Chinese speaker in daily situations. The topics come from real-life scenarios and can be used for everyday communication.

Spanish Language

Learn Spanish from the ground up! This course will gently guide you through learning the lovely language of Spanish! This course will teach you basic but necessary vocabulary and give you the confidence to have basic conversations with Spaniards and other Spanish speakers. There are a total number of Six Levels. Take your first Spanish language steps with our experienced tutors.

Korean Language

This course will teach you the fundamental and most important grammar concepts in Korean. Not only will knowing these grammar patterns improve your Korean language comprehension skills, but it will also help you write and speak correct Korean. All of the grammar concepts that are required to pass the TOPIK Test (Test of Proficiency in Korean) will be covered in this course.

Arabic Language

Learn to recognize, read, and pronounce the Arabic language fluently. Learn how to recognize the Arabic letters in their various forms. Read Arabic literature in its natural connected form fluently. Practice writing in Arabic. As a natural result of the learning process, you will learn the meanings of many common words. Learn how to memorize and remember letters in a unique way. To be able to study Arabic grammar effectively, you must be in a strong position.

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