I wish my parents had taught their language to me. I wish I’m comfortable with my mother-tongue.

I don't know how often I have heard similar comments – regretting that one of their parents didn't pass on their language. This says a lot about how essential learning the family's language is to the younger generation.

I have heard a young lady talking about how energized she was about to meet her grandparents, and how disappointed she was about not having the capacity to bond with them because of the language barrier. I have spoken to a grandmother who feels that she can never get close to her growing grandchildren, as they don't have a common language.

I spoke to a father who says he had to translate between his daughter and mother. He also mentioned that his daughter sometimes felt a bit left out as she couldn’t be a part of family discussions. "If I could, I would go back and do things differently to make sure she also gained the knowledge of Telugu when she was small. I am so happy that she has now taken up Telugu lessons at LevelApp and is making good progress." said Narender – A 42 years old financial consultant in the UK.

LevelApp has initiated a platform which helps your children to start learning their mother tongue online. Experienced and retired teachers from all over India are ready to make this possible. Get started now and be a part of the change.

Don’t let your children feel separated from their grandparents and their culture. This festive season, let your child wish his/her grandparent in their own language. Do you have a better gift than this? I bet.

Being bilingual is a great gift that every multilingual family should give their children.

About the Author:
Ashwitha Reddy
Co-Founder – LevelApp