How to Provide Quality Training in Times of Urgency

Jun 2, 2020

During this COVID – 19 pandemic everyone is working remotely. Those organisation which are running online are a possible benefit in this situation.

Due to this in the near future, most of the locations people are converted or interested in online education. So you may be confused on how to produce effective work in this lockdown. Read the article for information.

As we know from our experience pre-COVID-19, there are those in our organizations who enthusiastically embrace eLearning and those who find every possible reason (or excuse) to avoid it. With the onsite training option removed for the foreseeable future, at least in most locations, more people are being forced to try eLearning than ever before. Though none of us would have wished COVID-19 upon us, I, for one, am excited about the newfound, even if reluctant, openness to online learning.

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