We want to take today to express our appreciation for each and every one of our growing team of trainers at LevelApp, without whom we wouldn’t be able to reach learners all across the world!

LevelApp English Trainer – Monika

In an interview with one of our many talented trainers, Monica, we find out about what makes LevelApp special, and how the team works towards fulfilling our mission. 

With an undergraduate degree in English, Monica has been teaching the subject for a few years and joined Level about a year ago. She aims to become a full-time professor in the future. Even as a student herself, she felt the subject gave her the ability to put on many different hats and understand different perspectives. Moreover, she loves reading, and English is a creative outlet for her. She, like all trainers at Level, brings such passion for her subject to the table and wants to see her students feel the same way. 

Monica goes on to mention that one of Level’s strengths is the seamless communication between trainers and their students. Education, no matter what the goal, is best when personalized and tailored to each student’s unique needs. 

What does a trainer’s typical day in the life involve?

game based learning

A typical day in a LevelApp trainer’s life involves preparing lesson plans before classes, generating a tailored curriculum, and providing homework/supplementary work completely based on the learner’s style of thinking. Monica prioritizes making fun and interactive lessons for her younger students. Online learning and resources, especially during these uncertain times, is an incredibly powerful and beneficial tool in increasing engagement and fostering learning.

Our goal?

LevelApp is here to help prepare students for their school curriculum, standardized tests, casual learning, courses for professionals, and even expand their learning beyond just the classroom. Education doesn’t stop once you’ve left the classroom – leaving school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning!

Here’s to all our trainers who bring to life the vision of Level: to redefine learning and education into an interactive and personalized experience!

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