CBSE board is a difficult board when compared to the SSC board. The syllabus will be huge and the students should have more practice in maths subjects. Because most of the students find maths a difficult subject in CBSE.

In levelapp we provide tuitions exclusively on Maths subjects and you can see there are a lot of students who love the teaching of our faculty. Our faculty is trained from IIT and IIM. So you can evaluate the level of teaching. Our aim is to improve the knowledge of students and train them in such a way that they can compete with any kind of exam.

Benefits of our online CBSE tuition

  • Students will have time to discuss their problems with our online expert faculty.
  • Students can ask our tutors for help with whichever subject that they desire.
  • Our CBSE tutors will work at the student’s own pace.
  • Our CBSE online curriculums are planned as per the requirement of each student.
  • We encourage students to learn new topics.
  • Our tutors make it a point to review the topics covered in the previous classes before going to the new lessons.
  • Levelapp provides feedback and progress reports at regular intervals.

Why should you choose Levelapp?

Personal Attention:

 Each student will be taught and mentored by a single tutor, so as to personalize the learning experience. The teachers can know where the student is lagging behind and help him in improving his skills. According to the recent study, the students who have taken personal care have more success rates when compared to other students. So it is highly recommended to have a personal tutorial for the students.

Monthly Analysis:

A monthly progress analysis will be provided to the parent to keep track on student improvement. Here the parent can understand the level of teaching in our tuition. If your student performance is not improved then you can discontinue our tuitions.

Fun Way of Teaching:

Exciting inter-community contests every month with jaw-dropping prizes to keep students motivated. The students will take an active part in our tuitions to get the prizes. Your children will not leave our classes after taking the demo.

24/7 Supported:

Our technology is tested by a few of the best engineers. Still, we provide 24/7 support to assist our students. So if the student wants to change his timing according to his availability then he can change his tuition timings. 

Safe and Secure:

All the sessions are recorded and monitored by our team. We give top priority to security. The students feel comfortable while taking classes with our teachers. Our faculty is friendly and supportive of the students.


We follow a study and test plan created specifically for your child. This makes learning effective and exciting to the students. In every assessment, we try to improve your child’s performance.

Career Counselling:

Every month we conduct career counseling sessions as complementary to each student. By these counseling sessions the student can decide his future career based on that he can move further studies. We care for the vision of each student.

Connect Instantly:

Students can connect to the online tuitions from any device. Our technology is compatible with almost all devices. So the problem cannot be arisen in joining the online tuitions. 


After reading the whole information about online tuition for CBSE and its benefits. You may be having some more doubts regarding our services. Please book a demo for more clarifications which is free of cost. Here you will understand each and every aspect of our tuition to students.

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