The Telangana government slowly removed the lockdown restrictions in the state. Most of the people started their daily works. It has been more than 2 months since India is in lockdown. So people cannot survive without income. 

According to the latest update Telangana government cancelled SSC exams. Students are very happy after this decision. But still the COVID – 19 effect is not over. So parents are thinking about their children’s future. 

We are waiting for the guidelines of the government for the reopening of the schools in the state. The schools usually reopen after the summer break of June. But due to an increase in the COVID – 19 cases in the state the government is not providing confirmation of the schools reopen dates.

If everything goes well schools are expected to reopen in July starting or ending of the month.

The students who have completed their 10th class will be joining their intermediate colleges in the August month. 

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