How to Become a Tutor?

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If you have a penchant & natural aptitude for teaching and imparting knowledge through your eminence, LevelApp gladly welcomes you to fortify the team of tutors. As a reputed Organization we expect our tutors to be “Understanding, Confidence, and Progressive”: If you perceive yourself complying with the criteria we are looking for you! A great portfolio armed with viable experience and skills and a Demo class followed by standard conferring sessions is all we need to welcome your presence and eminence into our World.

Telephonic Round

Selection rate top 10%

Live Demo Classes

Virtual recreation of pensive Classroom Atmosphere

Certified Tutors

100% Certified, Caring, Clever, Capable and Cheery.

Certified tutors only

Selection rate top 10%

How to become a tutor

Step 1

Apply through the portal

Step 2

Clear screening

Step 3

Build your profile

Step 4

Start teaching!!

Frequently Asked Questions

A tutor plays an integral role in molding a student’s comprehensive & aptitude abilities so he/she can surmount the pinnacle of academic excellence. A natural penchant for teaching and an adequate amount of zeal and potential to impart relevant knowledge to the students is what LeveL looks in our tutors when they walk in to become tutors.
LevelApp always prioritizes the personalities who are friendly, professional, supportive, aiding & inspiring over the academic prerequisites. We firmly believe in Connection with our students as we are the pioneers who launched precisely personalized teaching sessions. Our Master Professor will be the one who can understand student psychology. At the minimum, LevelApp tutors are required to have a bachelor’s degree, but many have anything up to a doctorate in a particular subject.
How? - How can you bring change with your academic excellence?
Why? - Why do you want to become a Tutor at LevelApp.
What? - What do you see in yourself that makes you the best among the realm of tutors.
Besides the standard psychometric evaluation, we expect you to flaunt your academic prowess, communication skills, spontaneity, social facilitation, humor, warmth, and austerity to evaluate your dispositions and welcome you with warmth and confidence into the family of LevelApp.
To conduct online sessions at LevelApp, you should have basic knowledge of computers and internet usage. A good knack for researching is a cherry on top. Our Support Team will take care of all the training you require to conduct the online sessions at LeveLApp.