Tutor Features

Anyone can be a tutor

If you are good at something and wish to teach, then LEVELAPP is the best platform. No age group limitations, as long as you have the knowledge and want to share it, nothing can stop you. Enroll as a tutor for one or more aptitudes you excel in, with this hassle free process of registration.

Custom Pricing

Yes, that’s right, LEVEL allows you to customize your charges for every minute you teach.

Tutor Dashboard

A great feature for tutors, where they can add topics of their interest, manage their tutor mode and keep a track on their daily earnings.


About Level

Level is a digital platform for all the teachers and learners out there. When exams are round the corner, only friends help each other by teaching the topics they are good at. That’s the foundation of LEVEL APP, a Topic Learning and Teaching Platform. Most of us get bored of learning for hours, hence LEVEL lets you learn a topic on Per Minute basis. Level lets you PAY PER MINUTE for every session. Education is now digitized, with LEVEL you can Learn, Teach, Earn and Build Your Profile.

In this fast pacing and a competitive world, we at LEVEL let you have the comfort of staying home and getting your doubts clarified at the tip of your fingers.

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More Features


Tuitions can be a costly affair, but why squander your money by paying on weekly or monthly basis? Instead, pay per minute as you learn and spare a few bucks.

Topic Learning

Every small detail matters, likewise every small topic matters. Here at Level, we believe topic wise learning is the best kind, where every doubt is clarified and the concept is clear.

Difficulty Level

Students and tutors both can choose a difficulty level according to their intellect. This feature provides you with 3 filters, FOR BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED TRAINING.


This lets you surf the other topics that are being taught and are in the current trend.

Suggest Topic

This feature enables you to suggest topic(s) which you are unable to find elsewhere. Its basic mechanism is to add the topic/skill to the list and find an appropriate tutor for you.


This feature provides animated visuals of explanation of your chosen topic.

Skill, Sport & Academics

Every skill, sport and subject in a student’s life should be given equal importance, as it adds to the mental and physical growth. Here at LEVEL we give importance to every small and big topic. Be it a mere topic out of a big subject like mathematics, a skill like painting or an indoor sport like chess. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING can be a topic of significance.


Online (Live session) & in-person sessions

Online: A doubt should not go unresolved. Find your appropriate tutor, get on a video call and get the doubts clarified instantly.
In person: With video calls, network can always be a problem, but clarifying your doubts face-to-face is much easier. Locate a tutor as per your requirements, nearest to your location; book a session as per your convenience.


How it Works?

  • How to learn quickly ?

    The only doubt clearing platform


    Select topic & choose mode

    Search a topic you desire to learn on the search bar and find your appropriate tutor.


    Select tutor & Expert level

    Select a tutor according to your need or the topic you wish to learn.


    Live call with tutor or in-person

    According to your convenience the tutors can be available both on face time and in person.


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