SAT - English

We believe in bringing out the best in students by making preparation simple and stress-free. You will receive materials for Reading, Language, and Writing, as well as an essay, with the SAT English Preparation course.



CAT Quants

BASICS for CAT Algebra, Basics for Percentages + Average & Alligation. Simple Interest and Compound Interest Speed, Distance, and Time. Work for CAT Numbers, Permutation and Combination for Probability, Geometry, Algebra : Equations for CAT Inequalities and Absolute Values. Everything you need to prepare for CAT.


This course will be extremely beneficial to students preparing for any LAW Entrance examination (especially in India). The questions have been written in a new pattern, which is comprehension-based. Students will gain a significant advantage in cracking CLAT or other law entrance examinations by getting into this course.

SAT Maths

In two main areas, this course will teach you how to accomplish the SAT Math sections. To start, you'll learn three approaches to solving any math problem. Second, we'll go over the core content areas you'll need to know in order to solve the entire range of SAT math problems.

ACT Maths

This course is a one-stop shop for comprehensive ACT math preparation. We spent nearly a few years researching and categorizing all of the official ACT math problems we could find. We have  created a specially tailored crash course based on the data we gathered to educate my students on every aspect of the ACT math section. All of the necessary rules and operations are condensed into just 31 "Critical Concepts" lectures & videos. Enroll now to get the best ACT math score possible!



The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized computer-based exam for prospective medical students in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands. It is intended to test problem-solving skills, critical thinking, written analysis, and scientific concepts and principles knowledge. The MCAT is a critical reasoning test that evaluates students' ability to apply test content. Our tutors will assist you in learning how to interpret and solve complex problems, which is essential for a high MCAT score.


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