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Step 1

Understanding your requirement

We let you break the ice by acquainting us with your requirement. As soon as you login into our site, LeveL guides you towards the requirement as we run various programs to offer you the best course with the best tutors. We focus on our client’s absolute requirement and we cordially accept suggestions/requirements that are unmentioned so we can add the required course in the near future.
Be our guests and state your requirement with no ambiguity. LeveL awaits your response.

Finding the Tutor and Scheduling Demo Class

We bring you the tutor tailor-made as mentioned in your requirement. LeveL exhibits our profound tutors in no time after mentioning your requirement in the respective section. Our programming distills our best tutors to accompany you on our prolonged journey. Based on the desired Subject/Course, our tutors will be on their marks to surprise you with a meticulous Demo class that will transfigure into a regular class session when it falls under your likeness. You can opt for as many personalized Demo sessions as you like to affirm your decision before embarking on an enlightening ride with LeveL by your side.

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Step 3

Finalizing the Schedule & Complete Payment

This plays an important role in building a connection with LeveL further. When our expert Tutors demo session accords well with your likeness and maintains the harmony, you can mobilize your association with LeveL by finalizing the schedule unequivocally and by completing the payment so we can launch our regular sessions permanently following the course.


LeveL firmly believes in continuous improvement rather than delayed perfection. Right from day1 we gladly accept and expect feedback that covers all the elements including teaching, subject depth, methodologies, time, and experience. Our sole motive is to impart the knowledge with finesse so the latter can flourish with Wisdom and Confidence. “There is no failure. Only feedback followed by Progress.”

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